Puppy Yoga

How we tackled the brief given to us


Objective: Capture engaging and heartwarming visuals for promotional materials and social media content Goat Yoga Chicago partnership with Second City Canine Rescue. The photo shoot aims to showcase the joy, relaxation, and unique experience of practicing yoga in the company of playful puppies. The images should convey the harmony between yoga and the delightful presence of adorable puppies.

Key Shots:

  1. Yoga Poses with Puppies: Participants engaging in various yoga poses with puppies nearby, showcasing the blend of yoga and puppy interaction.
  2. Close-ups: Heartwarming close-ups of participants smiling, laughing, and bonding with the puppies during and after the yoga session.
  3. Solo Moments: Individuals in peaceful moments of reflection, showcasing the serenity and stress-relief provided by the presence of puppies.


  • A collection of high-resolution edited images
  • Selection of images suitable for social media, website, and promotional materials
  • Photography Services

  • Social Media Marketing

Final Results

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