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Digital content specialist with a focus in animation, video and graphic design.

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The Sizzle

You know you want to watch it

You know you want to watch it

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Our work covers the spectrum. motion. video. design. photography.

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Sneaky Peek of our work

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"Matthew is a cutting edge designer that has little tolerance for status quo or the "way things are always done". I have always appreciated Matt's approach to color outside of the lines and bring a fresh perspective to the team."

Brian Beatty, Creative Director

"Matthew is extremely creative, with a third eye kind of thinking that exposes thoughts and directions not thought possible. A consummate professional with unmatched dedication, he is truly a blessing for anyone to work with."

Brad Wells, Senior Director

"I've had the privilege of working with Matthew on all sorts of projects for almost 20 years, and he's the most talented designer I've ever worked with. He has a seemingly endless pit of ideas and concepts and you feel like you're working with an entire team of designers who have brought several ideas to the table."

David Hunter, CEO

"Matthew is an incredible designer! I go to Matthew because I know that he will provide a unique, highly stylistic design that will satisfy my picky taste. He always seems to be on point with what I am thinking."

Danielle Brandon Kerr, CEO

"Matthew is one of the most highly conceptual and talented designers I've had the pleasure to manage and to work with. Matthew has the absolutely uncanny ability to develop unique concepts that look as if they've been created by multiple designers. That's a rare and valuable talent!"

Erin Gerber, VP Creative Director

"As a designer, Matthew is incredibly creative, intuitive, thoughtful and is always looking for ways to push the limits of expectation. As a person, he is honest, hard-working, committed and collaborative. As a friend, he is invaluable."

Joshua Hoegh, Worship Director

"In the past 10 plus years, I have worked on very various projects with Matthew. Always impressed with his creativity, professionalism and ability to think outside the box and be approachable and relevant. My confidence always goes up when Matthew is involved on the project."

Kevin Polky, CEO

"Where do I even begin? I had the pleasure of working alongside Matthew and it was such an enjoyable experience. He is wickedly skilled and always learning new software to keep up with design trends. Matthew is a great leader. He taught me so much when we worked together."

Dawn Mellender, Creative Specialist

"What I love about Matthew and the way his brain thinks, is that I feel like when I tell him my idea, he is already one step ahead of me. It's like he's already designing in his head as I'm explaining my vision to him. I have used him on various projects and I am so grateful to know someone with his caliber of talent and creativity. "

Julie Laramé, Creative Director

"Matthew has worked on a number of projects for us and has consistently done a great job. Asks questions and has no problem taking direction."

Scott Salvati, CEO

"Here’s the thing about Matthew; he takes in all the requirements of what is needed and then simply blows you away with his creativity. He’s dedicated, hardworking and will always give you what you ask for, but then will also give you something even better."

Lauren Dziedzinskyj Williams, Senior Account Director